My dream with journalism is to travel to the frontiers and send their stories to breakfast tables thousands of miles away. Join me for my first chapter, in Afghanistan, summer 2006. These are my letters to you.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

On the Road of Marco Polo

Kabul is a hectic city even under the best of circumstances, and is pleasant to escape every once in a while. Several friends and I have planned such an escape, to the Wakhan Corridor. The Wakhan is a wild frontier land that connects Afghanistan to western China (see link to map on sidebar). It is the path Marco Polo traced 800 years ago as he followed the Silk Road. For lack of a motorable route we will take horses from the mouth of the corridor and ride as far as we are able. It will be a journey of about two weeks. The seasoned greybeards of Kabul tell me that the Wakhan is a dangerous place. Not because of its security situation, but because when you visit once, you will not be able to stay away for long. I will be in touch when I return, in'shallah. In the meantime, khoda hafez my friends.


Blogger Traut said...

Jacob - your dream has been partially fulfilled. As you know, the story "Herat: from Sharia to Shakespeare" made its way to my coffe table by way of the San Francisco chronicle (as seen here on their web-paper -

2:46 PM

Blogger Kristin Smith said...

Dear Mr. Baynham,
Thank you for your letter concerning the JAForssen Scholarship which was recently forwarded to me by the U of M. I am especially happy that my father's trust is helping someone with your goals and ability! Asia is the future and Americans need to learn about it directly from a courageous and compassionate observer. Prejudice dies hard and the notion that Asians are human beings is not universally accepted here it would seem! Keep up the important work.
Kristin Forssen Smith

11:25 PM


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